Hormone Skin Cream

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The Maihe Forest hormone skin cream is made with natural plant extract active protease and RS factor, it can be easily for skin to absorb. Its main function is increase the body estrogen and whitening skin. The rich vitamin E can anti-aging of skin, and it is welcome by beauty-conscious women.
Maihe Forest can customize the different type according to customers' requirements.


a)Beauty-conscius women

b)Beauty salon

c)Cosmetics industry


Production Function

Whitening, Increase Vitamin E, Improve body hormone

Product Composition

Fruit Enzyme, Tea tree essential oil, Mint, Jojoba oil, Honey, Lactic acid, Papain, Bromelain, Coconut oil, Motherwort, National grass, Soy isoflavone, Ovary maintenance factor.


Customize according to customers' requirements.

Usage and Dosage

After clean the skin, take out some cream well-proportioned on the skins, smear evenly.


24 months


Keep with seal package in dry dark place


Contraindicated in pregnancy